Question 2:

How Joseph Stalin Came into Power

Joseph Stalin was a major part of the Red Armies invasion on Georgia, after which he made a strong policy towards Soviet Georgia. Lenin (Stalin's trusted ally) disagreed with this policy, he believed that all soviets should stand equally.

Lenin still trusted Stalin and decided to give him more power. In 1922 Lenin appointed Stalin as General Secretary, giving him enough power to give may of his allies government positions. In 1922 a stroke forced Lenin into semi-retirement, Stalin visited regularly, but they eventually got into disagreements. Lenin disagreed with Stalin's overall attitude, preparing a testament to remove Stalin from his position as General Secretary, but Stalin's allies prevented the testament from being heard. Lenin died in 1924 of heart attack and Stalin's allies prevented ,yet again, his testament from going public. Stalin pushed for faster industrialization and central control of the economy.

In December 1934, the popular Sergei Kirov was murdered, Stalin blamed a conspiracy of saboteurs and Trotskyites. Stalin removed these internal enemies and had them executed, lots of his enemies were among these people. Stain made a loyal ally of his head of the secret police (the NKVD) and made him remove the NKVD of veteran Bolsheviks.There were no serious competitors left an so Stalin came into power.

Joseph Stalin